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ITSBTV on LaTalkLive

Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity Radio, Wednesdays @ 2PM PST

Saran Wrap Nails 4

Learn how saran wrap can help you achieve this cute mottled look as well as provide a quick fix for a chipped manicure!

Beauty Roundup

Tune in this Wednesday at 2 PM to listen
to our beauty roundup, covering hot
topics and the latest beauty products.
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Erick Brownstein on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Technology & beauty! Pretty soon you
may not have to visit a fitting room! Watch &
see where we are headed in the future!
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Virtual Beauty

Hate trying on clothes…soon you may
not have to! Learn how technology is
shaping and changing the beauty world!
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Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Develop a healthy relationship with
food. Learn how to win the diet war w/
psychoanalyst Dr.Nina Savelle-Rocklin.
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Eating Disorders on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Stop dieting, start winning! Dr.
Nina Savelle-Rocklin teaches us to
overcome diets and eating disorders.
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Pearson Knight and Gail Lewis on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Learn celeb hairstylist Pearson Knight’s
coveted hair tricks and model Gail Lewis
shares new organic skincare products!
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