Travel on Two Wheels

A new trend is rising in the world of travel where your feet are replaced with wheels! Bicycle tours are becoming more and more common among travel companies. This new way of traveling replaces walking, taxi taking, and bus riding with pedal pushing–definitely leave your stilettos at home ladies!

Here’s how it works; you choose a destination anywhere in the world and your selected travel company will find a biking route specifically for you. Bicycle tours offer the flexibility to travel longer ranges and wander into territory you might not find on foot. They also allow you to see more of the hidden parts of your chosen destination. Make sure to remember that with a bike tour, the focus of your trip is going to be different than a typical vacation.  You’ll be doing more sightseeing on the go.


Most tours offer a one-on-one expert guide to join you throughout your trip–which we totally recommend. Not only does this give you a sense of comfort and security, a tour guide can reveal the hidden gems of your destination and offer a more in-depth travel experience. Now that’s a priceless travel expense!


The true beauty of this travel trend is its flexibility. You can choose whether you want your next trip to be a fitness challenge where you take part in a racing competition, a private trip customized for you and your family, or a chance to meet new people with a group experience!

If you love the rush of holding a map, wandering through the streets, and even getting lost at times, a traditional travel experience may be a better fit for you. If you’d like to be led to new experiences and new treasures with a guide, a biking tour may be your answer! No matter what country you’re in, you’ll be sure to leave your mark–well, tire mark!

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