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Still thinking about getting in that bikini this summer!…

Tune in today as professional trainer and body sculptor, Krisztina Rudnay, shares how to tone, sculpt and target trouble areas! Yes ladies, contrary to what has been drilled into us in the past about not being able to spot reduce, Krisztina has developed a specialized approach that has helped hundreds of women transform even the most stubborn body parts. Head on over to Krisztina’s IG @KrisztinaRudnay, and you will see some drastic before and after pics of women who have defeated cellulite with Krisztina’s Anti-Cellulite Program. Krisztina is going to enlighten us with her approach so we can get our tummy, thighs, hips and gluts just the way we want them!

Krisztina Rudnay on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Krisztina Rudnay, Professional Trainer and Body Sculptor

The phone lines (323-473-3100) will be open during the live broadcast today from 2-3 PM PST, so call in with your questions about body sculpting. Also, tweet your questions for Krisztina or post a message to our Facebook page and we will respond on the air.

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