Pucker Up to the Dark Lip



Dark lips are totally on trend!

Just know this trend isn’t strictly reserved for the red carpet or editorials. If you’re tousling through your wardrobe wondering what ensemble would best compliment a dark lip, remember that the deep hues work with every day outfits just as well as a ball gown. The dark lip adds a finished, sophisticated, yet edgy touch to most looks. Whether you are working lip tones in wine, brick, burgundy, or plum, simply stick to pairing the lip color with muted or neutral wardrobe pieces and steer clear of brights and neons.

As, for the rest of your face, ensure the brows are defined and strong. A thick wing liner can look amazing, so can a neutral shadow. However, you don’t have to religiously follow the age-old rule of only allowing one feature to stand out. A bold smokey eye can add an extra dose of mystery and sensuality. Just be cautious with the cheeks–light contouring is a must, but definitely no need for blush!

For the more makeup savvy, try experimenting with your dark lip colors by mixing and matching your lip liner! Changing the color of your liner enables you to accentuate different shades and tones even in the same lip color. Below we used MAC Diva and just switched up the lip liner to create different shades of the very same lipstick. It is vital to not just outline the lip but to actually fill the lip with liner! This tip allowed us to get two totally different hues out of our MAC Diva!

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