Dip-dyed Hair


It’s official! The dip-dyed hair trend is here to stay. An underground look that’s quickly made it’s way mainstream, dip-dyed hair can be spotted on anyone. From punk-rock teenagers to pop star Nicki Minaj. Suitable for any hair type and length, the dip-dye provides natural-toned hair with a pop of color that is sure to grab attention.


As the name suggests, this technique resembles the same methods used to tie-dye. The tips of the hair are dipped into the dye of your choice and left to dry, providing a great advantage to those who tire of the trend and decide to cut off the tips to achieve a new look. In addition, the process ensures safety to the scalp and roots of the hair, avoiding any damage to these areas.
For a truly playful and eye-catching look, opt for bright colors that can be visibly contrasted with your natural hair color such as: blonde-purple, black-pink, or brown-teal. The look can be achieved with spray-in color, semi-permanent, or permanent dye. Dip-dying this season is all about being bold, daring, and adventurous.

One of the most popular methods of dip-dying is ombré, meaning “shadow” or “shade” in French. The sophisticated and fun look is an effect in which monochromatic or complementary colors graduate from light to dark, or vice versa.


For an even bolder look, try dying hair a bold color straight across the ends of hair instead of gradually going from light to dark. It is best to keep the shade on top a natural color. Add a contrasting color to the ends only for a trendy, dramatic look!

Try out the look for a few days, or keep the style for a few weeks–even months! Dip-dyed hair will definitely radiate your creative spirit and fashion-consciousness!

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