Last Chance for Summer Style


As summer comes to an end, you just may find yourself trying to enjoy the last of fun-filled festivities in the great outdoors. Here are some practical tips to keep you cool, comfortable, and still smoking hot as you kiss goodbye to summer at the Labor Day BBQ, back-to-school beach day with friends, or end-of-season festival.

Ditch the Purse for a Patterned Backpack
Sometimes carrying a purse can be a hassle-and the days are coming soon enough when we will have to tote around scarves, gloves, and wool hats in oversized hobo bags. For now, choose a light, trendy backpack and you’ll achieve a playful, comfortable look. You’ll be pulling out that large winter satchel soon enough, so enjoy these moments while you can!

Shield Yourself From the Sun
Utilize a pair of your favorite sunglasses to accentuate your eyes while protecting from the sun’s damaging rays. For dual protection (and to get the last wear before storing away for the next eight months), add a stylish summer hat to ensure you’ll look doubly fabulous!

Avoid Dark Colored Clothing
Dark hues are known to attract light and raise body temperature. While great for winter, these heat absorbers are the last thing you’d want to wear to an end-of-summer music festival. Swap your darks for fun, eye-catching neons and pastels and get the last splurge of color before we transition into ensembles inundated with black, brown, and gray.

Part With Your Pants
Throw on shorts to keep cool and comfy. If you are feeling a bit adventurous and really want to go out of summer with a bang, go for a high-waisted pair with bold print, neon, or colored denim.


Swap Your Bra for a Bikini Top
As we remember all our sizzling splashes and poolside soirées, a bathing suit top is the perfect undergarment to sport under a tank and give us that euphoric feeling of summer. Also, the pop of color underneath is sure to catch attention. Splash some water onto your body for instant refreshment and the reminiscent illusion that you just went for a summertime swim!

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