A New Way to Get Away: Fitness Holidays

Let’s face it, we all need a vacation now and then, but sometimes too much relaxation can be drab. For a fun, engaging way to travel try out a fitness vacation! These getaways tailor your travel experience to incorporate an activity of your choice–whether it be yoga, mountain biking, or any other recreation you are passionate about. Whether you want your fitness trip to be personalized or with a group, the focus is to fully engage your body. The idea of simultaneously traveling to exotic destinations AND nourishing your health brings an exciting twist to the vacation time we all look forward to!

Don’t worry, even though it’s called a fitness vacation (or holiday), you can still relax and have plenty of downtime to roam a new city! Plus, you don’t have to settle for typical fitness activities that may not excite you. The trips can be created around your passion, however outrageous the activity may be! But have no fear-fitness vacations aren’t only for adrenaline junkies. Trips can be catered around almost any activity–meditation, aqua training, rice-field trekking, adventure cycling, tennis, and walking. You can even plan your fitness holiday to come with an expert trainer who can make sure you’re getting the best experience for your fitness level and give you that extra push when you need it!

Another great bonus of fitness holidays is that many trips include special meals catered to your dietary needs, so you don’t have to return home feeling guilty for not sticking to your normal eating plan. Now that, we love! We can travel, enjoy our favorite activity, and still eat right–that’s a trip worth taking!

While, yes, fitness is the focus on these personal holidays, it’s not everything! It would be crazy to miss the beauty of your chosen destination; so should you decide to embark upon one of these travel experiences, be sure to include special excursions of the city, local tours, and days off from your sport in your itinerary. At the end of the day, your ability to enjoy your vacation is paramount! This is why most of these holidays are custom made and specifically tailored to your individual desires. You get to choose when to play, when to go out on the town, and when to relax!

While the idea of a vacation tailored around fitness isn’t as common as the beach getaway, it’s definitely a fun and different way to experience and integrate both mind and body at the destination of your choice. So, if you find yourself craving something different on your next trip, try a fitness holiday and indulge in an experience you and your body will never forget!

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