Embrace New Color Trends by Lindsay Mikesell


Beauty and fashion work together hand in hand. How can one take a high-fashion, fresh off the runway look and mold it into something wearable and effortless? It’s the same idea when thinking about trends in hair, especially when exploring new color. How can we embrace new and bold color without running the risk of it looking clownish or overwhelming? How can we keep our color looking sophisticated, age-appropriate and wearable?

The great thing about what is hot right now in color is that there’s something for everyone. The most important thing to consider is your desired result. After that comes placement, and this is your colorist’s territory. Placement is everything! Depending on how “quiet” or “loud” the final look will end up is based on the initial placement of color. We’ve seen the ombre look pretty much everywhere and what has been so popular with this technique is that it adds dimension and life to the hair without the all-too-familiar look of everyday highlights. I also love seeing panels of color in unexpected areas throughout the interior of the hair. There’s something interesting about seeing color and knowing that it’s there but not really seeing where it starts or where it ends.


Gray hair. It’s the coolest thing ever. It’s the new blonde. What once used to be a taboo issue that every woman wanted to cover up is now the most fashion forward trend there is. Everyone from the girl next door to your grandmother is embracing their natural gray or paying lots of money towards achieving it, including celebrities. Please keep in mind, gray and silver are not always the same. It isn’t difficult to put a violet based toner on light hair and get silver. Shades of gray, however, require much more technical skill when formulating, so choose your colorist wisely. A light and smokey desired result will vary greatly in the formulation versus a gun-metal desired result. Too many fillers will make it look muddy, so make sure your stylist knows which color lines and formulas will work best to achieve your desired look.

For those wishing to tap into their inner punk rocker while maintaining a refined and classy look, the pastel trend is a perfect fit. Pastel shades are everything. Earlier this year everyone thought it was a spring thing, but moving into fall/winter and looking towards 2013 this is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. From cotton candy pinks to Easter egg blues and greens, pastel shades allow bold color to look almost natural; which I think is so beautiful.

Anyone willing to try something new can get in on these trends. Be sure your colorist is staying dialed in on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry; that’s one sign he or she is a true expert. Always remember, the more you communicate with your stylist, the better– this prevents mishaps and disappointment. Be specific, and show pictures of the color you desire. Happy coloring!

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  1. Indi Tyler says:

    At first I wasn’t a fan of gray hair, but now I’m all in! It can be VERY fashion forward when done correctly.

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