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Want an easy and fun way to spice up your outfit? Getting creative with your headgear can make a bold statement that will be sure to turn heads and make you the center of attention! From a simple braid, to a fish braid, to braiding a headband, braiding has always been a way to play with the look of your hair; but here’s a new way to spice up your braids even more–RIBBONS!

With the option of so many colors, ribbons are a great way to add a pop of color to your locks without actually having to commit to permanent coloring. Ribbons can easily be added into the typical braid, or can even be incorporated into a headband braid. Simply choose the color you like best, and cut a strand a bit longer than your hair length. Before you begin braiding your hair, pin the ribbon with a few bobby pins, and then begin incorporating the ribbon into your braid as if it were hair. The ribbon will give a playful look to your braid, and can be taken from funky–for nights out, to classic–for weddings and special events. You can also try colored ribbons and flowers for a beautiful floral look.

Not into braids? Whether you love leaving your locks down or tying them back, a jeweled headpiece can take a look from everyday to wow in seconds! If you’re worried that the headpiece may be too loud for a daytime look, choose a headpiece simple in design. Many can be found in simple gold or silver without beading. For those special nights out, opt for jeweled pieces to create a bolder evening look that’s innovative and fresh!

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