Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity Radio Show


Indian Tyler hosts online radio show Beyond the Vanity on LaTalkLive.

Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity (ITSBTV) is a new online radio show where we get to the root of what people really think about beauty. We delve into topics like what your employer really thinks about your stiletto nails and what your boyfriend thinks about your bikini bush! We also talk about whether or not us ladies actually like beards, so fellas this is a beauty show for you AND your girlfriend. Hosted by Indian Tyler, ITSBTV is more than just a show about beauty products and trends…we explore beauty from various points of view.

Beginning April 9, 2014, Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity will broadcast each Wednesday at 2 PM PST on LaTalkLive. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday as we talk beauty and go Beyond the Vanity!

On February 19, 2014, ITSBTV aired a preview segment on LaTalkLive, and the topic of conversation was “Pink Hair, No Pink Slip: Beauty Trends Appropriate for the Workplace.” Panel guests included Expert Hair Colorist and Stylist Tanya Ramirez and Celebrity Hairstylist Kioni Ben.

Watch the ITSBTV preview segment to get a taste of what is to come in April! Click here the watch preview segment.

Take a look at what’s in store this month in April:

Apr 9, 2014 “What Your Boyfriend Really Thinks About Your Bikini Bush” with Katherine Goldman of Stript Waxing Boutique LA, musician Eric Davis, comedian Jamal Doman, and on-air personality Thomas League

Apr 16, 2014 “Nail-ing IT: Nail Salon Cleanliness, Improper Removal of UV Nail Color, and Counterfeit Products” with Doug Schoon of Schoon Scientific

Apr 23, 2014 “How to Exercise and Train Like a Man But Not Look Like One” with Dino Mosley of House of Fundamentals & Taryn Tarver of Souls Health and Resource Center

Apr 31, 2014 “Curvy Fashion” with Jen Mathews of My Beauty Bunny & Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

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