The Paw Palette by Crystal Hamilton


Calling all MUAs and Makeup Lovers! Do you find using the back of your hand as a makeup palette to be messy and unsanitary? With the Paw Palette, an acrylic palette with a strap for your wrist, you will feel this way no longer! Crystal Hamilton, Los Angeles based Makeup Artist and creator of the Paw Palette, shares a few words about her product with us.

On her reason for creating the Paw Palette, Crystal says “I usually make stuff because I like it, want it, or need it, the Paw Palette is definitely something I needed.” One super cool thing about the Paw Palette is that there are numerous colors and shapes to choose from. Crystal says “When I first started designing the Paw Palette, I made a regular square, much like other palettes. Then after a few months had gone by, I thought, ‘why just plain palettes?’ I’m not a plain type of gal, so then the cutesy designs began flowing and still are.”


The Paw Palette is available in a variety of colors (even glitter!) and comes in different shapes including hearts, lips, cupcakes, bows, and the traditional square. As someone who owns a Paw Palette, I can definitely recommend them. No more foundation on your hand! You can easily sanitize the palettes with rubbing alcohol to use again and again. You can find Paw Palettes at Crystal’s website,!


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  1. I definitely need this!

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