Pheromones: The Human Love Potion

Have you ever heard the little saying, “It’s love at first sight”? You can thank pheromones for that! Described by as “agents secreted by individuals to produce a change in the sexual or social behavior of another individual in the same species”, these naturally occurring chemicals in the human body are known to trigger specific mating responses.

Each of us produces pheromones through glands in our hair follicles. There is no distinctive scent to pheromones, but each person will subconsciously detect them differently, leading to phenomenal behavioral effects. Some studies show that pheromones can increase feelings of relaxation and comfort. Better yet–they may even trigger feelings of sexual attraction!

So, let’s break down the four main types of “mones” to get a better understanding of how they work:

Signaler pheromones provide information to others, like a “sixth sense”.

Modulator pheromones are able to synchronize or alter your body’s natural functions–such as your monthly cycle.

Releaser pheromones provide a rapid, immediate response. They are usually considered the pheromones associated with sexual attraction.

Primer pheromones need a longer response time, because they work slowly to influence your reproduction or development physiology.


Beauty companies have begun to notice the amazing ability of pheromones. They are producing synthetic human pheromones and infusing them into everyday beauty products! From body washes, fragrances, to hair care products; making sure you get your daily dose of pheromones is possible!

Marilyn Miglin offers a pheromone-infused women’s fragrance, Pheromone Perfume in Crystal. Retailing for $600 for 1.0 oz., the fragrance has a unique blend of rare and expensive essences.

Not ready to spend $600 on a pheromone-infused perfume? LAID Brand Professional Haircare makes it easier to get your daily dose of the potent pheromones. They have taken it one step further to give you the effects of pheromones throughout your hair.

Is the answer to your love life in a beauty product?


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