Popping and Shopping

Have you ever seen a store you absolutely loved, but just couldn’t find it when you came back a few days later? Don’t worry you’re not hallucinating. What you saw was most probably a pop-up shop! With their spunky title, pop-up shops are becoming more and more common in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Staying true to their name, pop-up shops “pop up” unannounced in short-term sale spaces. The various shops will suddenly appear, drawing in the crowds, only to disappear the next day or morph into something else–adding a sense of mystery, exclusivity, and adventure to retail.

In 2003, Target opened up its own pop-up shop, hosting a 1500 sq. ft. store in New York’s Rockefeller Center to celebrate its collaboration with designer Isaac Mizrahi. The store was open only from September 4th to October 15th, leading to a surge in sales and customer appeal. Taking it one step further, Target decided to host a temporary store that–get this–floated on the Hudson River during Christmas.


Launched in May of 2003, the London Fashion Bus is a mobile pop-up store, touring its showrooms with over 1,400 pieces. A traditional double-decker bus, the pop-up shop travels with its unique designer pieces throughout London, to provide the most unique shopping experience to London’s fashion savvy.

Since these shops are always on the run, it’s pretty hard to keep up sometimes with when and where they will be next. Tapping into a pop-up shop directory can let you know what’s going on, where it’s going on, and when it’s happening–so you never have to miss a chance! With listings of upcoming events across the globe, pop-up shop directories let customers know weeks in advance about what’s up and coming, to make the challenge of finding these mystery gems just a little bit easier!

Here’s a quick tip. Online news sources, like the Los Angeles Times and New York Times typically devote articles to upcoming pop-up shops a few times throughout the year. If you check for your daily news sources online, check out their latest on the upcoming pop-up shop events that might be in your neighborhood!

So, the next time you find yourself passing by a store you haven’t seen before and wonder if you should go in–do it…because it may not be there tomorrow!

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