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It’s going to get very real on today’s show! The topic of discussion is Black Hair Revealed: What White Girls Want to Know About Black Hair But Would Never Ask.

Anything goes…being PC is totally not an option…and no question is off limit! We are exploring both sides of the issue and are going to have a fun time doing so with editor-in-chief of, Cheryl Hawley, and celeb hairstylist, Patricia Lynn Laas of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc.

Cheryl Hawley

Cheryl Hawley

Celeb Stylist Patricia Lynn Laas

Celeb Hairstylist Patricia Lynn Laas

The phone lines (323-473-3100) will be open during the live broadcast today from 2-3 PM PST, so call in with your questions–and make them spicy! You may also tweet your questions or post a message to our Facebook page.

Tune in at as we go #BeyondtheVanity!

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