Tutorial: Saran Wrap Nails

Saran wrap nails, a new pseudo-sponging nail art trend, is a great way to get two-toned nails quickly and easily. This is a great way to prolong a chipped manicure as well! Check out the tutorial above to learn how to achieve this look!

I first spotted it online at Chelsea King’s “Get Nailed” blog and fell in love-I had to recreate it! I asked her a few questions to learn more about this unique nail idea!

Would you consider yourself the inventor of the saran wrap nails?
Chelsea: I wouldn’t exactly consider myself the inventor of the saran wrap trend. I’ve seen the idea before but I had never seen an explanation or tutorial of how it was done, so with a little bit of time I figured out an easy way to do it and created a video to show other people how I did it!

What was your inspiration to use saran wrap on your nails? Was it inspired by any other nail art technique?
Chelsea: Saran wrap nails kind of remind me of shatter/crackle nail polish! Lately I’ve been really interested in ways to use things around the house to do my designs, I think a lot of people like this trend because it looks cool and they don’t have to buy anything special to do it! A technique I like to do is gradient nails using a makeup sponge, and this idea was kind of inspired by that as well.

How do you like to clean up your nails after doing them? Using saran wrap on them seems like it could create a little mess!

Chelsea: I like to use an old eyeshadow brush (a tiny one) and dip it in nail polish remover to clean it up! This definitely creates a big mess all over your nails so it’s important to clean it up to make them look nice. You can also use a q-tip dipped in remover as well!

To see some more of Chelsea’s Nail Art, check out her website! Chelseasgetnailed.com

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