To Heel or Not to Heel?

Every woman has that go-to pair of classic high heels. Still, we’re always looking for the latest trendy pair of shoes, no matter how uncomfortable they are! Well, we’ve found them: the “no-heel” ‘high heel’!. If you’re wondering who would be daring enough to wear, the gravity-defying shoes, they have been spotted on the catwalk, and have been worn by fashion designers like Victoria Beckham. They’ve also hit Hollywood worn by celebrities like Beyoncé, Uma Thurman, and of course– Lady Gaga.

How exactly is it possible NOT to fall flat on your face the moment you stand up in this intimidating footwear trend? At first glance, it may seem that these shoes are fit for a gymnast with incredible balance, or the always-avant-garde Lady Gaga. However, the lack of heel is compensated with a large base for sturdy support. The trick is to put your toe down first rather than your heel, as not to fall over!

Would you wear these gravity-defying shoes? If you want to take a (SLOW) walk on the wild side, step into these bad boys and strut your stuff!

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