Beauty from the Kitchen

Looking for a beauty pick-me-up? Look no
further than your own kitchen! Discover
foods that are great for skin and hair.
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Saran Wrap Nails 4

Learn how saran wrap can help you achieve this cute mottled look as well as provide a quick fix for a chipped manicure!
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DIY Body Lotion

Keep your skin nourished during the
dry winter months with this simple,
easy-to-follow recipe for body lotion!
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Yogurt Dots

A waist-friendly sweet treat. Healthy, fresh, and fast! Warning: may become extremely addictive!
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Glitter Nail Polish

Removing glitter polish can be a pain! Here is an easy way to get rid of the glitter with foil so you can move on to your next mani.
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Hair Flair

Want bright colored hair without commitment? Try hair chalking with Color Rub, we’ll show you how easy it is!
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Aloe Vera

Freezing aloe vera gel can be a sunburn saviour. This handy DIY trick will cool and soothe your skin.
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