Beauty Roundup

Tune in this Wednesday at 2 PM to listen
to our beauty roundup, covering hot
topics and the latest beauty products.
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Pearson Knight and Gail Lewis on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Learn celeb hairstylist Pearson Knight’s
coveted hair tricks and model Gail Lewis
shares new organic skincare products!
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Dontay Savoy, DeeDee Kelly, Taryn Tarver on ITSBTV

Watch as we explored beauty inside
and out with Dontay Savoy, DeeDee
Kelly and Taryn Tarver! It was a hoot!
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Beauty from the Inside Out on ITSBTV

Tune in! Lifeline w/ Taryn Tarver &
Hot Summer Beauty Bargains w/
DeeDee Kelly and Dontay Savoy.
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Cheryl Hawley and Patricia Lynn Laas on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Watch here and laugh (hilariously) as
we talked about “What White Women
Want to Know About Black Hair”.
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White Girl Touching Black Hair

Today is going to be juicy as we talk
“What White Girls Want to Know About
Black Hair But Would Never Ask”!
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Kioni Ben and Unique Chung on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Summer Beauty Trends! Expert tips
& lots of laughs w/ Tanya Ramirez,
Kioni Ben, and Unique Chung.
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Summer Hair

Tune in today as we talk summer
hair trends with celebrity hair stylist
and professional MUA, Kioni Ben!
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@ITSBTV talks about the "Bikini Bush" on

Today’s topic on Indian Tyler’s Beyond The
Vanity radio (@ItsBTV) is “Your BF & Your
Bikini Bush” Listen
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Whether you like your locks pulled back
or left loose, these unique pieces are
sure to spice up your next hairdo!
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