Get " The Great Gatsby" Look: Makeup from the Roaring 20s by Mayela Vazquez

The hair and makeup of the roaring 20s is
totally on trend. Mayela Vazquez tells us how
to achieve these great looks.
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Nicole Richie at 2013 Met Gala

Pastel hair color is certainly on trend, but is this look wearable for all? How risky are you willing to be?
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TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo

Want to make your hairstyle last an
extra day? Get Katie’s input on the perfect
solution, TIGI Session Series Dry Shampoo!
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Hair Flair

Want bright colored hair without commitment? Try hair chalking with Color Rub, we’ll show you how easy it is!
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Argan Oil

Dubbed “Liquid Gold”, Argan oil has
more benefits than imaginable. Create
many interesting uses out of one product!
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It’s official: The ombré hair trend is here
to stay. Contrast your natural color with a
bold and colorful dip-dye!
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Is the answer to your love life in a beauty
product? Hair care and fragrances infused
with human pheromones are sure to attract.
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There is a hot new color trend for everyone. Linsday shows how to embrace bold hair colors in a wearable yet sophisticated way!
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