Unique Chung and Sheba Snow on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Watch here as we counted down the
top ten makeup staples for summer w/
MUAs Unique Chung & Sheba Snow.
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Fourth of July Makeup

Want to know what makeup isn’t
okay for the 4th of July BBQ? Tune in
today as we talk with two celeb MUAs!
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Dontay Savoy, DeeDee Kelly, Taryn Tarver on ITSBTV

Watch as we explored beauty inside
and out with Dontay Savoy, DeeDee
Kelly and Taryn Tarver! It was a hoot!
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Beauty from the Inside Out on ITSBTV

Tune in! Lifeline w/ Taryn Tarver &
Hot Summer Beauty Bargains w/
DeeDee Kelly and Dontay Savoy.
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