Indian Tyler and Doug Schoon

Scientist and nail expert, Doug Schoon
joined us to give us the ultimate
nail care advice and answer questions.
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Beauty Roundup

Tune in this Wednesday at 2 PM to listen
to our beauty roundup, covering hot
topics and the latest beauty products.
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Doug Schoon on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Watch and learn why you shouldn’t
cut cuticles, remove callouses, or use
a pumice stone during your next pedi!
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Pedicure Safety

Is your pedi safe? The answer may
surprise you! Tune in to learn more
and also to get latest celeb news.
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Glitter Nail Polish

We are talking everything nails today
on Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity
(@ItsBTV) w/ nail expert Doug Schoon.
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Saran Wrap Nails 4

Learn how saran wrap can help you achieve this cute mottled look as well as provide a quick fix for a chipped manicure!
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Never Chip

Love manicures but hate chipping? Indi’s
take on how to use Never Chip to get a full
seven days out of your pretty little manicure!
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Glitter Nail Polish

Removing glitter polish can be a pain! Here is an easy way to get rid of the glitter with foil so you can move on to your next mani.
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minx nails 4

BXX talks with Minx co-founders, Dawn and Janice, about what’s new and what to expect from the company.
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