Beauty Roundup

Tune in this Wednesday at 2 PM to listen
to our beauty roundup, covering hot
topics and the latest beauty products.
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Kioni Ben and Unique Chung on Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity

Summer Beauty Trends! Expert tips
& lots of laughs w/ Tanya Ramirez,
Kioni Ben, and Unique Chung.
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Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity 4-16-14

Watch here as nail expert Doug
Schoon shared loads of knowledge
on Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity.
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Indian Tyler's Beyond the Vanity 4-9-13

Watch here as things got very real
on Indian Tyler’s Beyond the Vanity
as we talked about the bikini bush!
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@ITSBTV talks about the "Bikini Bush" on

Today’s topic on Indian Tyler’s Beyond The
Vanity radio (@ItsBTV) is “Your BF & Your
Bikini Bush” Listen
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DIY Body Lotion

Keep your skin nourished during the
dry winter months with this simple,
easy-to-follow recipe for body lotion!
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Foot Cream

Don’t let the cold weather take a toll on your feet! Get smooth, gorgeous feet this winter with our simple tips!
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The right exfoliant for your skin type can make all the difference in your skin’s texture and may improve moisture dramatically.
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BB Cream

Newest category in skincare: BB creams are taking over! Which BB cream is right for you? Beautiful skin at any budget!
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How To Shower

Who knew there was a special way
to shower? Remember these rules
the next time you jump into the shower!
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