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Guest: Erick Brownstein August 6, 2014

Erick Brownstein, Founder of

Ever wondered what shopping for beauty products online will be like in the year 2025? A world where going to the mall and trying on clothes is a thing of the past may seem far fetched and hard to imagine, but it may be in our not so distant future!

This Wednesday, August 6, 2014, we will be covering everything you want to know about the virtual world of beauty with Erick Brownstein, founder of The New Agency. Erick is an expert in the field of digital beauty and helps top online influencers (i.e. bloggers!) and beauty brands harness the power of video on social media. He will be joining us to share his thoughts on the future of technology in the beauty industry as well as letting us, the consumers, know how we can get the most out of the evolving world of digital beauty.

The phone lines (323-473-3100) will be open during the live broadcast today from 2-3 PM PST, so call in with your questions. You may also tweet your questions for Erick or post a message to our Facebook page.

Tune in at as we go #BeyondtheVanity!

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