Let’s Play Footsie: Winter Foot Care Tips!

Being a chic fashionista can keep you busy and it’s easy to forget to take time to give the feet you’re always running on some love! We know it’s even harder to find a spare minute when the holidays roll around. This holiday season, we wanted to give you our tricks of the trade on getting gorgeous feet, fast! With these simple tips, you’ll feel beautiful from head to toe–literally!

Feet become most sensitive in the winter; the cold weather makes skin more prone to drying and cracking—ouch, we don’t want that! To keep your feet soft and smooth, the first step is exfoliation.

Exfoliating your feet two to three times a week will help remove dead skin cells and stop any calluses from forming. For a great exfoliator that does the job right, we recommend Neal’s Yard Remedies Pumice Foot Scrub. Neal’s Yard Remedies offer all organic beauty products, and this special pumice foot scrub is made from ginger, mint, peach seed, and pumice. Slather a generous dose on your feet and use a foot scrubber to blend the product into the skin for the best exfoliation! Ah—your feet will be left feeling so refreshed!

The most important step in your foot care regime is moisturizing! Moisture is key for battling the dry, cracked heels and soles that are so common in the cold winter weather! For an all-natural treat for your feet, try Ahava’s Mineral Foot Cream made from almonds, avocadoes, and Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea has long been a beauty lover’s treasure chest, and the extra touch of tea-tree oil in this mix will leave your feet smelling as good as they’ll feel! To ensure full moisture, slip on a pair of socks, cotton or my personal favorite, fuzzies! The socks will help lock in the moisture and leave your feet feeling like they’ve had a mini massage!

Soft, touchable feet aren’t complete without healthy, beautiful toenails! Winter is the season for dark polishes, but all the rich hues can leave your toenails discolored over time. To replenish, strengthen, and brighten your toenails, try Sephora by OPI Nail Brightener. Free of formaldehydes, the product is known for its ability to restore dull, yellow nails back to their natural shine. Feel free to simply use the product on your toenails when giving them a breather from a pedicure, or apply the product under lighter polishes to add a burst of brightness to the color!

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