Yummy Yogurt Dots

Looking for a sweet treat without the guilt? I am hooked on this recipe for “fro-yo dots”. Want to know how to make these easy snacks? Continue reading and see how!

The materials you will need are:   

•     Your favorite yogurt
•     Plastic sandwich bag
•     Wax paper
•     Baking sheet
•     Pair of scissors.

Step 1. Empty your yogurt into the plastic bag…this will act as a pastry bag to pipe out your dots!

Step 2. After lining your baking sheet with wax paper, cut off the tip of your sandwich bag and get to piping your dots on your lined baking sheet. Things may get a bit messy if you use yogurt containing small bits of fruit, but even the messy dots taste yummy!

Step 3. After your dots are piped, place them in your freezer until hardened. These took under an hour to freeze!

Step 4. After you take your frozen dots out of the freezer, hurry up and get a bowl to enjoy right away, or store in a plastic bag in the freezer to snack on later! Be aware…these dots melt pretty quickly! Enjoy these as a snack or dessert anytime you’re craving something cool!

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